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2006 FutureForce Summit: “Community Development Starts at the Grass Roots”

 First-ever event plants the seeds for workforce success

The 2006 FutureForce Summit was all about beginnings. For FutureForce Halton, it was the beginning of continued outreach to the community, bringing those affected by the issues the information they need on workforce change and workforce challenges. For attendees, it was the beginning of building relationships with other like-minded community members, who share the same concerns about workforce issues. And for everyone, in attendance or otherwise, it stood as the beginning of what will hopefully be a strong network of  people from business, industry, education and government, working together to ensure success.

Dr. Edward E. Gordon, the first speaker of the 2006 Summit, summed it up nicely when he said that “Community Development Starts at the Grass Roots.”

We've designed this section as a resource for both those who attended the event and would like to share some of the information with others, and those who could not make it, but would like to learn about some of the topics discussed. We've uploaded a variety of multimedia from the event, including photos, powerpoint presentations and podcasts. We're always hoping to spread news about workforce issues as far as possible, so we invite you to share the following with co-workers, customers, association members, friends and family. We stand behind the importance of the message presented at the 2006 FutureForce Summit -- spreading the word is the first step towards sustainable workforce success.

2006 FutureForce Summit Multimedia