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Featured Speakers

Dr. Edward E. Gordon
Writer, Speaker, Historian, Educator
Author: The 2010 Meltdown, Solving the Impending Jobs Crisis

Dr. Edward E. Gordon wrote the book on the workforce challenges facing employers worldwide.  In The 2010 Meltdown, Solving the Impending Jobs Crisis, Dr. Gordon details the unsettling scenario that every country in the world is encountering.  As President of Imperial Consulting Corporation of Chicago, he has spent more than three decades studying workforce development issues around the globe. His findings are enlightening, informative and at times alarming. 

An internationally respected writer, speaker, historian and educator, Dr. Gordon has written sixteen books and had more than 200 articles published in industry-leading journals and periodicals.  As a frequent network media guest, his expertise has been shared with national and international audiences.

Using his extensive international research, Dr. Edward Gordon will offer FutureForce Summit participants both worldwide and Canadian perspectives on the workforce development issues that will affect us all. 

Gene Luczkiw
Founder: The Institute for Enterprise Education and the Centre for Global Innovation and Leadership

Gene Luczkiw is a recognized global expert in the fields of entrepreneurship development, entrepreneurial leadership and enterprise education.  Gene is both an academic and a practitioner in the field and currently consults to some of the world’s largest public and private organizations.

Gene is the founding director of both the Institute for Enterprise Education and the Centre for Global Innovation and Leadership.  The Institute is an international centre dedicated towards the research, design and development of training in the fields of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial leadership and enterprise education.  The Centre for Global Innovation and Leadership is dedicated towards the transformation of existing organizations in both the private and public sectors into entrepreneurial entities.

Phil Jarvis
Vice President and Co-founder of the National Work/Life Centre
Co-creator: The Pipeline Project

Perhaps no other Canadian has received such international acclaim and recognition in the field of workforce development than Ottawa-based Phil Jarvis.   Whether in Canada, the US, Hungary, Romania or Turkey, Phil’s role in identifying and addressing workforce development issues is unparalleled. 

Phil Jarvis played a key role in establishing Canada’s not-for-profit National Work/Life Centre which is now a reconized centre for excellence in all of our provinces and territories along with most US states and ten other countries. In Canada alone, Phil’s remarkable work includes Careers Canada, Careers Provinces, Choices, Canada Prospects and The Real Game Series along with the Blueprint for Life/Work Designs, Destination 2020, The Edge Magazine and Smart Options.  Phil has authored numerous career guides, journal and newsletter articles, has keynoted national and international conferences, and has trained several thousand career practitioners and teachers.

Phil’s passion for equipping all citizens with effective career and life management skills continues with his newest project, ‘The Pipeline’. Pipeline is an innovative new initiative which matches local talent to local opportunity. FutureForce Summit participants will be the first in Ontario to be introduced to this exciting new project.

Rosemary Amelia Venne
Associate Professor, University of Saskatchewan

Rosemary A. Venne (B.A. Windsor, M.A., M.I.R. Queen’s, Ph.D. Toronto), is an Associate Professor in the Department of Industrial Relations and Organizational Behaviour at the College of Commerce at the University of Saskatchewan. Her research interests include demography as it relates to human resource issues, including labour supply, aging of the labour force, and changing career patterns. Her research interests also include alternative work-time arrangements, especially as they relate to an aging labour force.